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Specialized Alliance Partner

  • Programmable logic controllers, graphic operator panels, communication industrial networks and SCADA visualization systems;
  • Launch protection machinery, control and signaling devices, industrial gauges, control cabinets;
  • Driven equipment, slow starters, servo drives
  • Low and medium voltage power distribution equipment, reactive power compensation devices;
  • Technological computer simulators.


SIKA (Germany)

Exclusive partner in the territory of Russian Federation

Flow switches (mechanical and electronic), level switches, flowmeters, rotary meters, flow restrictors


SIEMENS (Germany)

Official Partner

  • Engineering, design and modeling tools;
  • Digital production;
  • Industrial management systems;
  • Sensors and drives;
  • Industrial communication and safety


GE Intelligent Platforms (USA)

Distributed input-output systems, operator interfaces, technological solutions for continuous production, motion control systems, PLCs, PACSystems System, automation software and HMI/SCADA, software for production scheduling


SAMSON (Germany)

Direct acting controllers (of pressure and temperature), pressure flow and differential pressure controllers, pressure reduction valves. Pressure control valves: through-way, three-way and angle. Turn and ball valves. Drives, positioners, i/p transducers


JUMO (Germany)

Temperature detectors, pressure detectors, manometers, thermostats, self-recorders and indicators.


KROHNE (Germany)

Flow meters, level meters, rotary meters, level alarms, flow switches


MERA (Russia)

A dynamically developing brand in the field of manufacturing and deliveries of control-and-measuring devices and automatic equipment for industrial enterprises.